Green Generation Fund Website

BUILDING AN EVERGREEN WEB PRESENCE FOR GREEN GENERATION FUND  Our team at Blonde and Giant rolled up our sleeves and got creative with the Green Generation Fund‘s website. We crafted a fresh, innovative design that speaks directly to the heart of what they’re all about – investing in the future of Food Tech and Green Tech. We […]

2050 VC Website

CRAFTING A FERTILE FUTURE WITH 2050 VENTURES      Blonde and Giant’s partnership with 2050 Ventures, a Paris-based venture capital fund led by the legendary VC Marie Ekland, showcases our expertise in crafting unique brand identities. In order to shine a light on 2050 Ventures’ spirit of fuelling far-reaching innovation, we chose the stylised illustration […]

Synera synera. The next evolution of engineering Synera brings all your engineering design tools into a single platform where you can finally build inter-app processes with little to no code. What this means for engineering teams is a 90% reduction in development time as proven by top Synera clients including BMW, Volkswagen and Hyundai. After […]


Payhound It’s hard to stand out in the fintech sector, but Payhound most certainly does. Beginning life under the brand name ‘MoneyBite’, this challenger brand in the payments space came to market with a bold, innovative, and revolutionary cross-border payment solution. International payments require a long chain of bank-to-bank transactions before your money gets to […]


Bringing Web3 to the masses – Branding the PolyVerse project The worlds of videogaming and Web3 are fast converging as game publishers and studios scramble to incorporate tokens, NFTs, community mechanics, and play-to-earn features into their games. From hyper-casual game studios all the way up to AAA developers, the appeal of Web3 functionality is gaining […]

Ikigai WHERE OUTSIDERS STRUGGLE, PASSIONATE INSIDERS THRIVE Ikigai Ventures is a venture capital fund on the inside track of the iGaming sector. With a founding team of industry insiders, and the backing of one of iGaming’s biggest global events, SIGMA, Ikigai Ventures is perfectly positioned to source, fund, expose, and grow the best startups in […]

Creative Fabrica

The spark within – A 3D Brand film for Creative Fabrica There are many ways to tell a story, but 3D film is one of our favourites. We produced this brand film for Creative Fabrica, a website that has inspired and supported millions of artists and crafters with thousands of downloadable assets, courses and tools. […]


BIGBON REWARDS Bigbon, the renowned fashion retail group, sought our agency’s expertise to revamp their brand and launch an exciting loyalty program across their fashion outlets. The Bigbon Rewards brand rewards individuals for their unique style choices, with the core of the brand, ‘Where Loyalty Pays You’, marking the corner stone of giving back, rewarding and bringing […]


cool When COOL approached us for a rebrand, they wanted more than just a new logo and a fresh set of brand elements. Our goal was to carve out a bolder and more values-driven positioning for COOL in an increasingly competitive ride-hailing market. At its core, the COOL brand mission is about challenging climate change, […]


Detroit Finding a pizza house that screams freedom and uniqueness in every bite is hard to come by. ‘Detroit’ is championing the way the Maltese perceive and taste pizza through its rough and radical identity system. Founded in 2020, Detroit saw to bring over the iconic Detroit styled pizza to the island both in taste but also in […]