a bridge between silicon valley and europe

Over 500 billion times brighter than the sun, a hypernova is the brightest thing in the our universe. The world of venture capital is about finding the brightest stars in an innovation marketplace filled with glittering contenders. With than inspiration in mind, Hypernova Capital is finding new ways for founders and emerging fund managers to shine. Hypernova Capital is a hybrid fund and fund of funds, with a unique position in the market, bridging Silicon Valley and Europe at pre-seed and seed. We helped the founders to prioritise and effectively communicate their fund’s recipe for success, including their background, track record, investment thesis, network, and unique approach to deal sourcing and founder development.


branding & investor storytelling



brand identity

At the heart of Hypernova’s logo is an exploding star which brings across the energy and vibrancy of the Hypernova’s vision and mission, while the colours teal and dark blue represent a calming seriousness and veteran professionalism.