Ikigai Ventures is a venture capital fund on the inside track of the iGaming sector. With a founding team of industry insiders, and the backing of one of iGaming’s biggest global events, SIGMA, Ikigai Ventures is perfectly positioned to source, fund, expose, and grow the best startups in iGaming. We worked closely with the founding team to create their brand, investor narrative, and website ahead of their official launch at SIGMA 2021. Across both the fund’s brand identity and investor narrative, we balanced the harmonious values of the Japanese concept of ‘ikigai’, with a concise but bold message to investors, resulting in strong interest and immediate commitments.




ikigai ventures

A brand where vice meets virtue

The brand we created was strongly influenced by the concept of ikigai, and the associated values of flow, balance and purpose. We chose the colour green to embody the serenity of ikigai, and pink to represent the edgy and diverse iGaming industry in which ikigai Ventures operates. In the brand icon, we chose to put a human figure at the centre, representing the funds focus on supporting founders, as well as a rising line, representing the rising valuations of the fund’s investments.  

Balancing digital and event presence

We created a brand that works as well in pixels as it does on paper. We knew that ikigai Ventures would need to be seen both online, as well as at industry events where it has a strong presence.

Creating a winning pitch deck

With the rapid proliferation of new VC funds, especially those led by emerging managers, it is more vital than ever to have a strong differentiating narrative, backed by a truly investable edge in the market. We quickly understood that ikigai Venture’s secret sauce, was their insider status and deep networks within their target industry. With that in mind, we created an authentic narrative that investors were quick to understand and get behind.