It’s hard to stand out in the fintech sector, but Payhound most certainly does. Beginning life under the brand name ‘MoneyBite’, this challenger brand in the payments space came to market with a bold, innovative, and revolutionary cross-border payment solution. International payments require a long chain of bank-to-bank transactions before your money gets to you. 

This can take days, or weeks, costing businesses time, money and customers. Payhound is a payment option that replaces a long chain of banks, with a single instantaneous transaction. We worked closely with the founders to rename, rebrand and reposition Payhound as they move to expand their footprint in Europe.





What’s in a name?

A great name evokes both the spirit and the description of the product it represents. When we renamed innovative payments startup ‘MoneyBite’ to ‘Payhound’, we knew we were onto a winner. Fast, elegant and built for purpose, Payhound is the greyhound of international transactions, offering global businesses faster payments right out of the gate.