We help companies fundraise, scale and exit through strategic brand storytelling.

Can you sell your brand to an investor in a minute or less?
It all starts with a minute. The first thing an investor gives a founder is one minute of their attention. If used wisely, that first minute earns a few more minutes, and then a few more again. Until that pivotal moment when a decision is reached and you have that investor firmly on your team.
We help start-ups and VC funds to conquer those first minutes and win investment by identifying the best version of their narrative. We find just the right words and flow of information to interest and inspire prospective investors.
To date we have enabled tech start-ups and VC funds in Europe and the US to secure hundreds of millions in investments by giving clarity, brevity and focus to their pitches.
Two things founders mustn’t get wrong

There are two core issues that cause founders to falter when pitching to investors.

The first issue is that founders often find it challenging to know what to give importance to, and what to leave out of their pitch. Naturally, founders are the experts in their business, but experts often struggle to simplify and translate complex ideas to an unfamiliar audience. We help founders to stand back from their pitch deck and isolate essential information from the non-essential, or harmful. Ultimately, a great pitch says as little as it needs to, while a bad pitch says too much.

The second major issue is finding the words to frame their proposal as a story, and selecting the right flow of information to make their investment narrative clear and easy to follow. Founders who have identified the right message, may nevertheless frustrate investors with a badly communicated pitch. For example, a good pitch anticipates and answers an investor's questions in the right order. Answering questions in the wrong order is one great way to lose momentum and interest.

Using branding as an edge to win investment

To many founders, branding is something they plan to do twice in the early years of their business. The first time is quick, cheap, and dirty (‘we just need a logo and website to show to investors’), and the second time is the ‘real branding’ which occurs before roll-out or a major marketing push. But this overlooks the importance of branding and puts founders at a disadvantage.

Branding matters. It matters a lot. And it matters up front. It can matter to the tune of millions gained or lost in investment, and in pitch meetings it can be the fine line between making the shot, or missing it. Branding is the way a business is packaged visually, thematically, and in terms of its values and message to the world. Having a great brand tells investors that you are capable of building something marketable, and that when the time comes to corner the market, you have the right sensibilities to do so. A brand also helps investors to see the vision of the company that extends beyond the current product. Customers will need to buy into this vision for you to be successful, and investors know that.

So if you’re building a start-up and your brand is just a placeholder, reach out to us for an intro call and let’s discuss how brand strategy could be as important as product in your next pitch.

Growth and resilience through brand storytelling
The myth that ‘a great product sells itself’ can really hold scale-ups back. The core problem with this myth is that the competition will always catch up. No matter how excellent, innovative or industry-seeding your product or service is, as your business matures it will face rivals who will offer a serious challenge. This is where brand storytelling and myth-making are essential to fortify your position.
A great brand story can support and greatly increase the success rate of tactical marketing, while also enabling brands to weather mistakes, stiff competition, price slashing, and pivoting. This is because great branding teaches customers and clients to become attached to the wider set of values that your brand represents, beyond the current set of products and services that you offer.
Given a choice between two similar products, people will use brand signaling and appeal to make their decision. This means that by the time that competitors are swimming in your waters, a strong brand identity and story will become your most necessary and vital tool for survival and expansion.
We help brands to set themselves apart from the competition by defining the story that will win hearts and minds to their cause.
Offering branding as a VC
The VC market is more saturated than ever with newly emerging funds, and an all time peak in capital waiting to be deployed. This means that competition for the best deals is fierce, and founders are looking for the greatest value-add they can find. More than ever, VCs are being pressured to supplement their investments with strategic assistance, and this is where branding and storytelling strategy present a major opportunity.
VCs who want to show founders that they really understand their vision and can help the world understand it too, are intrinsically appealing to founders who are searching for benefits beyond capital injection.
Sweetening the exit
When a founder is ready to cash out after years of hard work, a major challenge that they face is that of providing continuity. Founders are themselves a major source of continuity, having been there since day one to fight for and represent the company. But brands also offer a measure of continuity that can add huge value in a buyout.
It can be easy to make the mistake of thinking of a brand as a label on a product. An identifier. Something used to signal information about your company to help sell your product. These are all aspects of a brand, but it’s more productive to think of branding as a creative IP which can be monetised through the sale of products and services.
Your products may change, and your company may move to new geographies, and the whole industry you operate in may transform, but a brand IP will remain to provide a bridge of continuity between those events. This built-in brand power and community can easily make a company much more valuable, and more acquirable than the strength of its product alone.
We work with brands to create reproducible and long term brand value that doesn’t just serve as a vehicle for sales, but which is also a major asset at valuation.
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