Targeted Marketing in Malta: Is it worth it?

Targeted Marketing in Malta: Is it worth it?

Targeted marketing vs mass marketing. The age-old marketing battle. Choosing whether to target advertising to a specific group of people or whether to focus campaigns on a wide audience is one of the very first strategic decisions taken. This can make or break the success of your campaign.

Both can be effective and they both have their caveats. The type of product or service, business size, brand exposure, budget, time of year and the nature of advertising are some of the few elements that need to be considered when choosing between targeted or mass marketing.

Taking Malta’s tiny geographical size and high population density, it would be easy to dismiss a targeted approach; opting for a ‘blanket’ strategy to appeal to the masses. After all, the ‘mass’ in Malta is hardly millions of consumers.

At Blonde and Giant, we think otherwise. We’re here to tell you just how targeted, profiled marketing is definitely worth its weight, particularly in a small advertising space.

Mass marketing doesn’t equal more engagement.

Knowing your audience means they are more likely to engage and respond to your adverts. There is no single ‘Maltese consumer’ profile. A one-size-fits-all approach often feels generic and non-emotive. On the other hand, truly understanding your target audiences’ needs, habits and demographics can help deliver an effective message to those consumers most likely to respond. Better engagement leads to an increased chance of lead generation.

Targeting creates brand loyalty in a heavily-saturated market.

Market competition in Malta is particularly cut-throat. Multiple brands occupy the same, small, advertising territory. Having a campaign that speaks directly to a targeted audience, with personalised, intelligent content, shows that a brand has gone the extra mile to cater to a specific profile of Maltese consumer. Targeted marketing is perfect for building customer relationships and increasing retention rates through lasting brand loyalty. Targeted marketing is also data-driven. This allows brands to respond to fluctuations and developments in their audience’s buying habits and behaviour, by launching new products or upgrading current ones to offer the perfect product at the perfect time.

It’s actually cost-effective.

Put simply, with targeted marketing, you don’t waste any money on advertising to a non-converting audience. Although you are targeting a smaller group of people, you are doing so much more effectively, raising chances of conversions and as a result, proving to be an excellent, value for money method of promotion.   

Targeted marking is a sure-fire way of upping customer engagement, but it does have its caveats. Intensive market research and customer profiling does take time, and does require consistent monitoring and reassessment.

Here’s where we come in. At Blonde and Giant, we professionally develop and maintain targeted campaigns that are data-driven, adaptive and that resonate with your target audience every single time. 

Who’s your next target?