Content and PR

Paid advertising is a useful tool, but when it comes to creating long-lasting, trust-based relationships with your targeted consumers, internal team or the general public, it's the quality of your content that solidifies your status as a credible, reliable brand, organisation, service or department.
Content is king. Whether you’re posting executive blogs on your company website, delivering departmental reports to an advisory board, or showcasing a new product in a press release, the quality of your writing speaks volumes about your credibility.

With meticulous industry-specific market research and in-depth company analysis, we carefully craft your content to suit your target audience, be it a speech, interview, email marketing or even your direct social media interactions — building a consistent, professional brand TOV across all platforms, digital or traditional.

Our services include:

> Email Marketing and Newsletters
> SEO Content & Blogs
> Speech Writing
> Press Release Writing
> Social Media Response Management
> Website Copy and Translation
> Internal and External Corporate Communications
> Directorial Report/Proposal copy-editing and proofreading

We get your content seen in all the right places, to really cement your credibility, ramp up your reputation, and ultimately convert cold leads into sales.
Blonde and Giant - Content and PR

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