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About this project

As marketers, we have always wondered what would happen if we were to build our own FMCG business and apply our skills and knowledge from start to finish. One Hour Wines is that project, and it has been a rollercoaster. Within ten short weeks, our start-up went from being the first one-hour alcohol delivery service in Malta, to brawling for attention with dozens of new wine delivery services, to emerging as a leader in this exciting new sector.

Our mix of constant, adaptive marketing, great customer service, and a tightly honed digital strategy, has led to fantastic growth, and the development of a solid base of repeat customers. We regularly see over 500% direct ROI on our ads, and an average sales growth which is in the double digits each week.

We achieved this through a mix of practical, direct marketing at launch, brand building exercises, email harvesting, the nimble introduction of new product categories, influencer tie-ins, digital marketing and SEO.

Blonde and Giant - Case Study - OHW - 1

One Hour Wines in numbers two months after launch

We introduced OHW to the world with to-the-point adverts that clearly and repetitively explained our core USPs until these were well understood. We also took the opportunity to establish identifiable brand colours and to show off some specific products. We also collaborated with Lovin Malta with a mix of articles and sponsored video to gain widespread visibility early on.

Once people had a good grasp of One Hour Wines core offering, we began to target our followers and their friends with more fun, brand-building content which placed less emphasis on sales and more on creating a tone of voice.

After two months, we achieved:

  • 21,000 unique visitors
  • 35% returning visitors
  • 10,000 bottles sold
  • 3,500 email sign-ups with marketing permission
  • 2,400 FB followers
  • 1,400 Instagram followers
  • 800% Average ROI
  • 500% Average directly attributable ROI
Blonde and Giant - Case Study - OHW - 3
Blonde and Giant - Case Study - OHW - 5
Blonde and Giant - Case Study - OHW - 6
Blonde and Giant - Case Study - OHW - 4