Niumee Hair Transplant Campaign


Creative / Digital



About this project

Our regular client, Niumee, approached us to help promote their hair transplant services by de-stigmatising and normalising the procedure.

We developed a creative concept that we called “The Bald Truth”. The idea was to direct the audience’s attention towards Niumee’s hair transplanting service by portraying the relatable day-to-day dilemma’s of going bald; hiding your hair in your Tinder photos, blaming your dad for your baldness, the constant chill on your head in winter.

Case Study - Niumee - FUE Campaign 1
Case Study - Niumee - FUE Campaign 2

Our Thought Process.

Think tongue in cheek taglines and cheeky concepts designed to grab the attention of the public. The Niumee campaign was translated on Facebook, Google search, Google display and outdoor advertising.

Check out our awesome photo-manipulated visuals created especially for the campaign.

Case Study - Niumee - FUE Campaign 3
Case Study - Niumee - FUE Campaign 4 - V2