Kick starting Kudo Malta





About this project

When the opportunity came along to work with a brand-new style in the local martial arts scene, we rolled up our sleeves and got down to business.

Kudo Malta is a martial arts school that landed in Malta in 2020. Launching from scratch they needed a punchy launch campaign to attract attention and kick-start student enrolment.

Kudo - Blonde and Giant

Our thought

We wanted to show that Kudo can be an empowering way for children to develop discipline, self control, confidence and a lifetime habit of physical exercise. We did this by showing images of children having fun, in assertive postures, with the key values of Kudo illustrated around them.

This dynamic campaign was launched across a wide range of media platforms, translated on FacebookInstagramLovin Malta and Google Search, for maximum reach. We even set up a more targeted B2B strategy, reaching out to schools and summer schools, to really get the word spread that Kudo Malta is the perfect sporting activity for complementing traditional academic learning.

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