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About this project

When it comes to clients, they don’t get much more exciting than GO. With their huge customer base and nationwide popularity, partnering up with GO was just the challenge we were looking for.

Our first mission as GO’s marketing partners was to promote the ‘Malta’s Got Talent Pass’ for GO TV. The MGT Pass includes access to GO TV as well as exclusive MGT content, behind the scenes clips, and every single episode on demand. Our task? To design and develop a creative campaign to promote GO’s sponsorship of the international TV franchise, and to boost sign-ups to GO’s award-winning TV streaming service.

Blonde and Giant - Case Study - GO - 1
Blonde and Giant - Case Study - GO - 2

Our Thought Process.

To get the job done we created a full campaign including digital campaign assets, outdoor media, and a television advert with MGT judge and panelist Ray Attard.


Blonde and Giant - Case Study - GO - 3
Blonde and Giant - Case Study - GO - 4