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E&V Sara Grech

About this project

Competition doesn’t come much more cut-throat than in the real-estate industry. You have to stand out from the crowd. The challenge set to us by Engel & Völkers Sara Grech was to create a striking recruitment campaign that would entice ambitious career changers and established agents alike. EVSG trusted us to be bold, direct and different; just like themselves.

Surpass the Ordinary

Our thought

Our strategy was based on a 3 stage approach to the campaign; Awareness / Engagement Posts, Consideration posts and finally Calls-to-Action. With these approaches we wanted the content to clearly showcase the advantages for both new-comers and established agents in joining EVSG. Estate agencies rely heavily on the quality of their agents, so we also featured posts displaying case studies of employee anniversaries, work successes and top earners.

To accomplish the above, we built an extensive marketing strategy, which included social media content, a main campaign, digital marketing and the design and development of a custom recruitment site.


On-Going Social Media Content

As well as developing a fully fleshed out main recruitment campaign, we also created a full catalog of social media content to boost EVSG’s employer branding. We began by developing a corporate mantra ‘Surpass the Ordinary’ to capture the ethos of excellence that an EVSG agent is expected to embody. We then created multiple streams of serialised content to maintain an ongoing presence online while communicating the company’s corporate culture and values. These included employee anniversary posts, team achievement posts and employer announcement posts.


Website Design & Development

A good advert leaves viewers asking questions, while a good website does exactly the opposite. This thinking was behind our recruitment campaign as we channelled potential recruits from a multi-media campaign to a custom built landing page where they could discovered EVSG as an employer as well as easily apply for an interview. The site consisted of team content, blogs, and an elevator-pitch for the EVSG workplace. In the first three months of the campaign, had already received over 11,000 unique visitors and generated hundreds of applications.