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When Atlas Insurance asked us to come up with a creative campaign encouraging people to think about buying a home insurance policy, we decided to avoid the doom-and-gloom angle and instead present people with more relatable reasons to protect their homes. Few people expect their property to be burgled or burnt down by flames – but most families can appreciate how easy it is to destroy a TV with an ill-advised game of indoor football, or how vulnerable their possessions are in the presence of mischievous kids.

In this cute TV ad series, a quirky family take on the roles of lawyer, judge and jury in order to establish who is responsible for various household damages – underscoring the fact that while fire, theft and flood are all good reasons for investing home insurance, so are the more common and mundane breakages and losses which are unavoidable aspects of family life.

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Who isn’t guilty of causing damage to their own property? No matter how careful we are, sooner or later human error gets the best of us. When it does, Atlas offers cover without judgment.

Blonde and Giant - Atlas 1
Blonde and Giant - Atlas 3
Blonde and Giant - Atlas 2
Blonde and Giant - Atlas 4