Logos: The Face of your Business

Logos: The Face of your Business

What’s the big deal about a logo, right? Except, well, everything. Think about it. How many company logos and products do you come across every day? How many of them stick in your mind long after you’ve moved on with your day? With the hours spent daily on social media, it’s so easy to scroll thoughtlessly, until perhaps something special, something brilliant, catches your eye. This is where having a great logo comes in. It’s the key to your potential clients getting that first, exciting taste of your brand (to read more about establishing your brand check out our blog on brand identity).

The perfect logo serves a number of functions for your business. To name a few, a logo is necessary for grabbing attention, building the foundations of your image, and establishing brand loyalty. Now, knowing that, why wouldn’t you want your logo to stand out? So, let’s break these different functions down one by one.

Draw them in

First off: getting their attention. You need the logo to be able to grab your audience’s attention. Attention spans are getting increasingly shorter and shorter these days, so your logo needs to be able to grab onto whatever it can. Simple colours, clear typography, along with a strong visual element, are key to reeling in your potential clients. They won’t stop to look at your logo unless it’s eye-catching, so give them a reason to.

Make a Good First Impression

Once you’ve caught their attention, you’ll want your logo to give them a reason for stopping by. It is, after all, the face of your business, and clients will make an opinion on that face within the first few seconds of seeing it. What kind of image do you want to convey with your logo? You need to give the best first impression possible, because you are literally asking clients to judge the book by its cover. And that cover helps you to stand out from the crowd, so that you’re not left on the shelf. Blending in is not an option.

Stand out from the crowd

You need your logo to set you apart from all your competitors. It just won’t do if your branding makes you look the same as everybody else, because you need people to remember your brand, so they’ll keep coming back and know that you really mean business. You are establishing your identity as being a professional player in your field, ahead of the game.

So, who are you?

Which takes us to our fourth point. Identity. Part of the first impression that people get when they see your logo for the first-time forms part of your brand’s identity. The logo lays the groundwork for your brand identity because it gives the first flavour of who you are as a business and tells clients why they might want to work with you at all. Does your logo say that you’re fun, forward-thinking, and professional? Or does it carry itself as being dull, outdated, and slow? Your logo represents you. It starts the story of your business, so what story are you telling? Think of it as meeting two people for the first time: one person is wearing a newly pressed suit, with a fresh, white, crisp shirt underneath. They’re carrying a briefcase, and they’ve got a slick, fashionable haircut. Then there’s the second person: their clothes are frumpy and messy; their hair is dirty. They’ve got a briefcase too, but all their paperwork is falling out of it. Who would you rather trust with your business?

Connect with your clients

Your logo also represents your client. It is there to establish the first connection between you and your client, so you need to think about who they are too. People can guess the nature of a business just by looking at its logo, so you’ll need to create a logo that resonates with your clients. Doesn’t that sound like further reason to make it one of the most important brand investments you can make?

Bring back memories

Which brings us to our next point: being memorable. Every time a client sees your logo, they’re going to remember what you do, and how you do it. They’ll think of any experiences they have with you, meaning your logo needs to be something they’re going to remember in the best way possible. Like this, you’ll cultivate a sense of brand loyalty among your clients, and hopefully draw in new ones. Like we said, it is the first step to establishing a connection with your clients and paving the way towards a successful working relationship.

OK, so, what now?

So now that you know why your logo is essential, how do you go about creating it? Well, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself when designing a logo.

First, think about your business. Who is your target audience? Is it well-established businessmen, or perhaps you’re targeting young mothers? And once you know what your target audience is, think about what your intentions are. What do you want your logo to do? Are you looking to tempt your audience to buy a product, or are you looking for new clients to take on and to partner with your business? These initial questions all help to set the tone and style of your logo, they help to make your logo appealing to the right audience.

You should also think about the industry your business is in. Are you, for example, building a logo for a sleek architecture firm? Because if so, then maybe you need a logo that has strong iconography, or a bold, serif font. You’ll need the form of your logo to tie you to the industry that you’re in.

You’ll also need to think about the finer details of your logo. What do you want them to say? If your logo is too complicated, and has too many colours, it becomes hard to read. An effective logo should be clear, legible, with simple colours. It should be aesthetically pleasing and functional, to make people want to look at it.

Think you need a hand? Here at Blonde and Giant, we understand what you need in a logo and we know how to do it, so that you can start your business off on the right foot. Contact us today to see how our creative team of designers can take your vision and make it come to life, to give your business the logo it deserves.