keep shining with care and cover.

When Global Capital Insurance decided to rebrand, it was more than just a face lift, but a total reimagining of their services, corporate structure, and brand positioning. We helped them find the name, story, visual identity and customer journey that best represented their bold decision to shed organisational weight and focus on what they do best – health and life cover with a personal touch. Since relaunching their brand as LifeStar Insurance, the company has gone from strength to strength with record performance and a fast growing base of loyal new customers.




LifeStar Insurance

brand identity

We created a logo and brand that embodies movement and focuses on people in their natural environment, drawing attention via our ‘cosmic circle’ graphic to real life moments of triumph, struggle, and hope alike. LifeStar does not shy away from portraying real stories, and making a true human connection. We chose calming blue to assure and comfort, paired with a fiery orange gradient that represents hope, optimism, and resilience. 

lifestar's brand story in one video

‘We each choose a path, and every path is different’

We created this brand video in-house from concept, to storyboard to production, in order to share LifeStar’s vision of itself, its clients and its mission – to bring care and cover tailored to every kind of life journey. 

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