Importance Of Video Content To Boost Interaction

Importance Of Video Content To Boost Interaction

Don’t try to deny it now; how many cute animal videos have you watched today?  They are there even when you don’t actively want to watch them. That’s because at present video marketing is everywhere. And I truly mean everywhere. Your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds are packed with video more than anything else; and that’s not even mentioning live stream and story functions. When you visit most websites, you are immediately presented with some kind of video marketing; from webinars to customer videos, product descriptions and how to’s.

Video marketing is important; so why invest in it for your business?

First and foremost, everyone and their aunt is investing in it. Now although we tend to advise going against the crowd, in this case to not invest in video marketing, would ultimately put you at a disadvantage with regards to audience interaction with your brand as a whole. It has become the preferred choice of interaction with the consumer, and to be able to target new customers and retain current ones, exposure, and the right kind of exposure is key. With video being a medium over which age demographics, ethnicity and culture seem to have no influence, video is easy, method of exposure to the masses. It is engaging, seemingly feels like less of a sales pitch and doesn’t require much energy output from the consumer; and with the constant abundance of product and service out there, we as consumers have become somewhat, well, lazy.

Video has been scientifically proven to be cognitively processed at a much faster rate than text, so with consumers’ ever shortening attention spans in mind, video content is a great way to increase interaction. The movement of video has also been shown to stimulate our grey matter in a way photographs and text does not; it has the ability to induce strong emotional responses over a very short period of time and at minimal energy output from the consumer. In other words video is memorable. How does video retain its memorable edge? It has the ability to effectively tap into the human emotional psyche; and that has solidified the success of video marketing. Visual story telling with a narrative, plots and characters all humanise a brand; the brand and its products or services not only seeming less detached from end users but much more accessible. Brands and business no longer feel cold, corporate and faceless, which, crucially means that video marketing acts as a trust-building tool, which with exposure on the right platform, is proven to drive up sales. More views, more likes, more shares, more exposure, more sales. It’s the most shared type of content across social media. Simple.

In fact, video marketing has had such an impact on sales through increased consumer interaction, it is now often regarded as the best method for ROI, with its presence on websites even boosting your Google SEO.

So when it comes to video marketing , what’s there to lose?