Importance Of Effective Copywriting

Importance Of Effective Copywriting

So you’ve got a kick ass brand design, a product that people will actually want to buy and an effective business plan. But what about the words? In such a digitised world, we often overlook the significance of language associated with the hundreds of thousands of marketed images and video we see everyday. Yet some select taglines, slogans and phrases seem to have memorably stood out right? And there we have it; the powerful difference between writing words and successful copywriting.

Writing effective copy for a brand is an invaluable selling force. The copy attached to a brand basically acts as a your sales representative. With consumers being bombarded by brands, products and services on a minute by minute basis, being able to grab the fleeting attention of prospective buyers in a matter of milliseconds, takes some serious skill. It takes true understanding of the target audience, brand identity, competitors, markets, global trends… the list goes on and on – and we haven’t even mentioned linguistic skill.

When good copy hits the mark, it makes readers stop and take note before their attention is whisked away to another visual or audio stimulus. Once consumer attention is captured, effective copywriting should identify and relate to a consumer problem and offer a solution, in a manner that is not only clear, but also engaging.

Effective copy has convince readers that it’s worth giving your brand a second glance. Without successful copy, a brand is just that, a brand. What are you selling? How can you solve a readers problem? Why should consumers choose you over the alternatives? Without good copywriting, your brand is quite literally voiceless in a market full of loud speakers. You could have the best service or product in the world, but without it being noticeable and memorable to the right audience, the likelihood is, it will just fade into the background noise. A particularly skilled copywriter can even up your SEO rankings.

Copywriting really is the mortar to your brand development. Effective copy is an integral part of your brand identity, giving character to visual marketing that will ultimately appeal to the target audience. Its expertly targeted language, that brings the right exposure and traffic to your brand.

It therefore doesn’t take much imagination to understand that great copy, especially when in combination with an excellent product/service and branding, can drives sales figures upwards. Effective copy not only grabs initial attention but makes the consumer feel a need for your service or product, often without the actual need being present. That’s right. Psychologically influential copywriting can not only lead a horse to water, but also make it drink.

So there you have it, it pays to invest in the skills of a skilled copywriter as an integral part of any successful marketing strategy. Otherwise, you may be eating your words.