Detroit Finding a pizza house that screams freedom and uniqueness in every bite is hard to come by. ‘Detroit’ is championing the way the Maltese perceive and taste pizza through its rough and radical identity system. Founded in 2020, Detroit saw to bring over the iconic Detroit styled pizza to the island both in taste but also in […]


eeetwell winter campaign 2022 As a brand that balances an adventurous attitude towards food with an emphasis on living healthy, Eeetwell have the twin goals of showing off their awesome food, while educating the market at the same time. We helped them achieve this with beautiful artworks and catchy, well-researched copy for the Winter Menu. […]


dewar’s dOCUMENTARY dewar’s dOCUMENTARY Sometimes the market needs to be reminded of the classics. In this campaign, we helped a leading FMCG distributor to reignite people’s passion for the classic scotch, Dewar’s. In order to succeed we knew we needed to launch an impressive brand campaign showcasing the brand’s rich history and exciting future. The […]