https://www.blondeandgiant.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Ikigai-header-Animation-sml.mp4 WHERE OUTSIDERS STRUGGLE, PASSIONATE INSIDERS THRIVE Ikigai Ventures is a venture capital fund on the inside track of the iGaming sector. With a founding team of industry insiders, and the backing of one of iGaming’s biggest global events, SIGMA, Ikigai Ventures is perfectly positioned to source, fund, expose, and grow the best startups in […]


cool When COOL approached us for a rebrand, they wanted more than just a new logo and a fresh set of brand elements. Our goal was to carve out a bolder and more values-driven positioning for COOL in an increasingly competitive ride-hailing market. At its core, the COOL brand mission is about challenging climate change, […]


https://www.blondeandgiant.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1-Mondu-Logo-Animation-sml.mp4 mondu – raising millions to revolutionise b2b purchases After co-founding and exiting their first billion dollar business, Dafiti, superstar founders Malte Huffman and Philipp Povel immediately set their sights on disrupting the e-commerce space with Mondu, a buy-now-pay-later solution for online B2B checkout. We worked with the founders to create their first pitch deck […]


eeetwell winter campaign 2022 As a brand that balances an adventurous attitude towards food with an emphasis on living healthy, Eeetwell have the twin goals of showing off their awesome food, while educating the market at the same time. We helped them achieve this with beautiful artworks and catchy, well-researched copy for the Winter Menu. […]

Lifestar Insurance

keep shining with care and cover. When Global Capital Insurance decided to rebrand, it was more than just a face lift, but a total reimagining of their services, corporate structure, and brand positioning. We helped them find the name, story, visual identity and customer journey that best represented their bold decision to shed organisational weight […]


https://www.blondeandgiant.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/hypernova-header-animation-sml.mp4 a bridge between silicon valley and europe Over 500 billion times brighter than the sun, a hypernova is the brightest thing in the our universe. The world of venture capital is about finding the brightest stars in an innovation marketplace filled with glittering contenders. With than inspiration in mind, Hypernova Capital is finding new […]