Are You Making These Branding Mistakes?

Are You Making These Branding Mistakes?

A brand is more than just a logo, name or design. Whilst you could be forgiven for thinking just that, since branding in the past was defined as such, ‘branding’ today is much more complex.

Your brand and good branding at that, not only persuades your audience to choose your brand over another, oh no. Branding comes into effect with every single aspect of your customers’ experience; from social media content, to your logo, and even your sales technique. Branding is the living, breathing identity to your business, its the problem-solver to a customer issue. Branding is how you connect to your target market, allowing customers to identify with your business on an emotional level, ultimately creating loyal returning consumers. Good branding is consistent and recognisable, which in turn promotes ease of purchase – people like to know what they are buying. Your brand is what some may coin an ‘unspoken contract’ with your loyal customers; and don’t forget, loyalty to a brand is very lucrative when it comes to referrals.

So as you can see, branding goes beyond a recognisable logo. Make no mistake, a recognisable logo and quirky tag-line would be the initial attention-grabber, so let’s not undermine their importance. But branding is now about an entire customer experience in its totality; no pressure, right? Let’s check out some of the most common mistakes when it comes to branding, so you get a head start.

Vague Copy.

This is a big one. If your target audience doesn’t understand, or relate to your copy, you won’t grab their fleeting attention, let alone keep them glued to your platform long enough to make a purchase. Getting a good copywriter, who knows your brand and what you stand for, understands your target audience whilst also knowing what will and will not stand out in amongst your competitors, is an excellent investment.

Inconsistency across platforms.

This is a tricky one. We understand that keeping things fresh when it comes to product or service promotion is important and this can be challenging when you market across so many different platforms. The key here is to make sure you establish the crucial and defining message that your brand wants to convey, and as long as your content reinforces that message, with consistent graphic style and copy, you can get creative with content.

Branding without focusing on emotion.

As stated previously, branding is about the experience. If your customer experience of your brand is a negative one, you can have the snazziest logo, graphics and copy in the world, it won’t make them come back to you. Customer experience is crucial, and loyalty is built on trust and care; fine-tune your sales, delivery and customer support services, to match the quality that your customers expect from your product or service.

Not having a great logo.

Back to brand basics. Not hiring a professional designer to handle your graphics is not a great idea. An amateur looking logo can be incredibly detrimental to your image as a whole; remember it’s the first thing your customers will come into contact with. A graphic designer specialising in logo development will create a style board, of colour, typography and style that can be invaluable to set a graphic consistency across all your platforms.