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Life at a start-up is like nothing else. A perfect storm of audacious goals, short deadlines, late nights, sporadic damage control and the occasional great leap forward. Meanwhile, founders wear a dozen hats a day, sustaining themselves on brilliant flashes of an exciting future glimpsed through the fog of war.

We support founders by helping them to raise capital, build streamlined go-to-market systems, acquire the right talent, and focus their energies on growth.



It all begins with an idea, but money must follow for your vision to take its next critical foothold in the world. We have helped start-ups in various industries secure funding by finding the best way to present their vision to investors. We have worked with diverse companies ranging from medtech to fashion, gaming, fintech, crypto, metaverse companies and VC funds. Since 2020 we have helped to raise over 1.5bn for VCs and Start-ups, from pre-seed to Series A.


What does the world need to think and believe about your business in order for your to drive forward your vision? Whatever you answer, that’s where your brand story begins. Brand storytelling is about creating a powerful guiding narrative that defines your business values, product, mission, team and actions. This narrative must be woven into every customer or stakeholder touchpoint. Whether it’s your corporate mantra, landing page, ad copy, PR presence, or the murals on your office wall – your brand needs to draw people in with a clear and consistent message to the world. We help companies articulate their brand story and find the words to apply it to every point of contact. 


How can you play to your strengths if you’re not sure what they are? Brand positioning is about finding your company’s greatest strengths, and identifying the corner of your market where your strengths have the most unique value. Your core strengths could be things like amazaing client service, proprietary processes, an interesting price model, or expertise in a specific niche. Whatever it is, there’s a specific kind of client that values it most. We help start-ups find their best position in the market, and then occupy it.


Culture is how your employees describe working for you to other people. It’s how they think about their jobs and each other. It determines what motivates them, how hard they work, how well they will promote your brand, and what type of person will want to work with you. Get this right, and it will develop a momentum of its own that will pay dividends indefinitely. Get it wrong, and the result is lower team performance, pressure to pay higher wages, and a weak pipeline of new talent. We help start-ups understand their employee value proposition, and design a purposeful culture that supports the business and the team at every level. 


Imagine a timeline of your business stretching 18 months into the future. What are the key moments and milestones on that timeline? Now ask yourself, at what points along this journey am i going to really want and need a press spotlight – and why? This is the first step to thoughtfully planning a public relations strategy that ropes in the press when you need them, with carefully crafted narratives and creative PR ideas to drive your vision forward. 


The clothes you wear to work may not affect the way you do your job, but they sure tell everyone else a lot about you. Branding is like clothing your company. It communicates key information such as the tone, themes, and personality of your company, as well as projecting the competence and effectiveness of your team. This is a key advantage in impressing both investors and clients.


Need to earn some vital attention for your product? Creative campaigns are a great way to set yourself apart. This is especially so for products with a simple message and a wide audience. Our killer in-house creative team of graphic designers, photographers, 2D and 3D animators, copywriters and videographers can execute  (almost) any creative concept that we can dream up. We believe in bold, leap-off-the-page creative concepts that are fun to experience and hard to ignore.


Blonde and Giant - Mark Galea

For over 15 years I have held top roles in diverse industries ranging from media to financial services. 

This has enabled me to bring a broad and pragmatic perspective to my current role, guiding a fast growing team of creatives, strategists, and digital specialists to deliver crucial early-stage services to start-ups and VCs.

Blonde and Giant - Beppe Coleiro

For over 12 years I have been a creative director and brand strategist for clients in almost every major sector from telcos, to airlines, tech companies and online retailers. 

In the start-up space, I have worked with both VCs and start-ups to create investor decks that have raised over a billion in investment.

Chris Peregin_Square

I am a media specialist and award-winning journalist who recently exited from Lovin Malta, a thriving online media company I founded in 2016. 

I have vast communications experience including as a journalist for Times of Malta, PR Director for BRND WGN, PR and crisis communications consultant. I recently joined the Blonde and Giant as a PR and Media Specialist and Head of Startup Services.